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We provide the most comfortable ride with our cars by understanding your need and ensure that you needs are fully met.


We are the most easily accessible and regulated one for pick-up right at your location in New York.


Our cars provide smooth and comfortable ride while pampering our riders.


Your safety and your need to reach your destination in a timely manner is extremely important to us.

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Our fully trained and experienced, culturally diverse group of drivers aim to provide safe and customer-friendly service. They make sure that you ‘feel at home’ while riding with us. Don’t be surprised if our drivers speak several different languages including yours.

Drivers have suddenly become very important after all those cab companies expanding globally. Some of them are truly international, offering services across the globe in dozens of cities. I like Luxo that operates in New York and do not wish to be anywhere else. I am thoroughly enjoying my first driving job with Luxo after having completed my training successfully. Looking forward to a successful professional life with many dreams! I would happily drive you guys around New York. ..

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Shell Doe, Mount Vernon, New York

I am grateful to be working for Luxo. They care well for their staff and the passengers. My life is moving fine since I joined them. Everything is well organized and the rules and timings are strictly followed. I would like to work for them for a few more years until I set up my home and family. Meanwhile, I am enjoying driving each day and meeting New Yorkers and visitors from all over the world, helping them reach their destinations safely and in a timely manner. ..

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Albert Twins, Albany, New York

I worked with three other cab companies in the past but I think I am finally settled down with Luxo. Shifting jobs is quite a headache and everything seems to be vanishing for the moment. From the moment I interviewed with Luxo, I am beginning to feel that the company will sustain me for long. I don’t really know what will be the outcome in the future I am convinced that they have the right people, right fleet of cars and the system that works well. ..

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Bill Admore, Yonkers, New York

Happy customers

You should try Luxo! Amidst all the competition in New York, they are certainly doing well. Charges are quite competitive and the system is rather well organized. Booking and contacting the driver, pickups and drops were easily done in a timely manner. I think I should ride with them more often just to check them out even though I have been using different Taxi service at the moment.
Jeff CarreySyracuse, New York
Each time it was an awesome ride, the few rides I took with Luxo Their cars were swanky, yet the fares were very reasonable. The cars seemed brand new and maintained in sparkling order; the drivers were friendly and cool. You would enjoy the ride for sure if you give it a try. Well, it is for guys like me who don’t want the hassle of maintaining a personal car, but need to get from one place to another from time to time
Richard ThomasBuffalo, New York
I hesitate every time I use a new taxi service but Luxo put me at ease from the beginning. I felt quite safe and cared for. Their cars are in very good condition and the driver was polite and friendly. He catered well to my request and the day ended with lots of work satisfactorily accomplished. Getting official and personal work done is quite a hassle but Luxo was a great help.
Steve SilvaNew York City

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